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Episode One: “Pilot”

When Anita is poisoned at a party she has to enlist the help of her ex-boyfriend Benji in order to find the antidote.


Episode 1.02: “First Assignment”

Anita and Benji get their first task and have to decide what they’re willing to do to find the antidote. They also get some help — from Sarah, one of Benji’s old flames.

Episode 1.03: “Hide and Seek”

Anita and Benji find themselves in a tricky situation when they try and steal the hard drive.

Episode 1.04: “Dissolution”

Episode four follows Anita and Benji as they receive their final instructions.

Episode 1.05: “The Final Task”

Episode five follows Anita as she’s forced to decide between her life — and the life of a friend.


Episode 2.01 “The Debt”

Episode 2.02 “Liar Liar”

Episode 2.03 “The Real Benji”

Episode 2.04 “New Tricks”

Episode 2.05 “Petra’s Plans”

¬†Episode 2.06 “Tim’s Task”

Episode 2.07 “The Martyr”

Episode 2.08 “Burn”