The Sound of Poison: Antidote 15 Web Series Sound Design

Does poison have a sound? In our web series it does!

Cheesy blog post titles aside, music was essential in building the world for our web series. Dialog, sound effects, and score have to play nice in order to tell the story of Anita and Benji.


Jen, our sound designer for season one!

Building the Score

Bill Fitzgibbons, our composer, has created a unique sound for our series. Some of the cues he writes also echo the main theme, giving the show a conne

I’ve been working with Bill on film projects since last fall, and he’s always able to create gorgeous scores that fit the scene. We start by discussing the tone of the scene and looking for examples of good scores from TV shows like Homeland before Bill puts together the preliminary cues. Sometimes we work through several sets of revisions, and some scores (like the score that will play over a pivotal moment in the end of episode 3) are so perfect that I spam all our crew members with it and in general freak out about how perfect it is. (I’m a sucker for sonatas.)

Bill has been a huge part of the team and somehow has been able to work with my odd and misplaced notes like “can we do something less bouncy?” “I want this track to sound like death” and turn our score into art unto itself.

Bill was interviewed alongside me for Foothills Focus here, and for our blog here.

Guest Musicians and Composers

Some episodes also call for different kinds and styles of tracks. The band HONEY GUN let us use their fantastic track “You Kill Me Darling” in our pilot for the party scene, and Nick Davies composed the score for our full trailer.

In season two, we’re looking to move away from synth composing and further towards live musicians as our budget permits.

Stay tuned, follow our Facebook page! EPISODE ONE IS OUT TODAY, MAY 1st at NOON!


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