Inside the Audition Room for Season 2 [News]

10500263_684304001651858_8202686008436274767_nthriller web series action web seriesLeft to right: Ashley Maimes (who plays Anita), Irina (our new producer), and Takenori (our AD/line producer)

We spent eight hours in the audition room this weekend. As you can tell we ate a lot of frozen yogurt and cheese its and tried to stay sane — which is hard to do when we’re all locked up in a room together all day and trying to amuse ourselves when there are gaps in the schedule, whether that is Courtney reading the sides in a Southern accent, Irina and Jen winning all the staring contests, or Ashley leading improv games.

Also, a thanks to all the wonderful actors who showed up to auditions. You all amazed us and we’re excited for callbacks. We want to just cast all of you since you were all amazing. We had some tricky sides for you to read. So thanks again for being impressive. There were some auditions where when an actor or actress left the room we would all collectively freak out and write in all caps CAST THIS PERSON NOW on our notepads/laptops.

So yeah.

Hopefully I can get out all the sides and callbacks notices by the end of today or tomorrow at the latest.

2014-06-22 17.37.44

Ashley and Courtney reading the sides in varying accents for our entertainment

Onward to callbacks!