Season 2 BTS: Rooftops and Rose Gardens [Weekend 3]

thriller web series ashley maimes antidote 15a behind-the-scenes photo of the nightmare scene, directed by Bryce Morgan and featuring Ashley Maimes

It’s hard to recount this past weekend without getting sentimental about production coming to a close. We’ve got eight pages left to film out of the 50 pages total for season two. Soon we’re going to start planning the wrap party, begin ordering t-shirts, and getting started on post-production so we can enter a webfest or two. Also sleep, maybe.

Anyways, here’s some of the reasons why this weekend of filming went so well.

New Characters

BenjiConner Sorensen in a flashback scene from episode 2.06, directed by Avi Kaye

One of the scenes we shot this weekend was a flashback with Benji and a new season two character. Even though it’s in the middle of the season it’s the very last scene I wrote for season two. I had been struggling with finding the right flashback to include in episode 2.06 and immediately after I wrote this scene it became one of my favorites because of how many layers there are to it despite being a fairly simple scene depicting a power struggle. Avi Kaye directed it, and Conner Sorensen and Katie Baker made it a really interesting scene — I can’t explain how because spoilers.

2014-07-27 13.41.06-1Kayla Tong, our guest DP, and Avi Kaye, one of our directors

Season two continues to become more and more impressive because these guys can take a scene to the next level in a way that serves character in unexpected ways.

New Cast/Crew Dinner Stories

antidote elevator selfie

“There is nudity in every scene of season two. Emotional nudity but still.” -Antidote 15 cast/crew dinner quote thanks to Avi Kaye.

One of our highlights of our time on set has been the cast/crew lunch and dinners. We all sit around and tell stories about our lives. We’ve learned a lot about each other (such as Avi has a great taste in posters and Irina is indeed from Russia) and everyone leads interesting lives (whether they think so or not.)

I think the reason why I love this project so much is because our cast and crew are like a family. We share secrets and food and everybody pitches in their time and effort to make this series awesome.

New Locationsantidote15 thriller web series

The view from the rooftop where we shot a scene from 2.02

We’ve shot at some unique locations around Los Angeles this season, including a gorgeous Pershing Square office building, some sketchy alleyways, and now a beautiful rooftop restaurant, which Emma Petersen set dressed with paper lanterns and candles. Jen Enfield-Kane directed this rooftop scene from 2.02, and managed to craft a gorgeous scene despite the endless amount of planes that kept making us hold for sound (thanks LAX) and a tight time constraint.

Everybody pitched in for this scene: Kayla lent us her LED light which served as moonlight, Zach held the reflector, Irina AD’d, and our very own Takenori Oue made a guest cameo as a waiter.

group photo rooftop a15Takenori, me, and Irina

DJ Suto and Irina Kuzina were our lovely extras, and they invented great backstories. Irina’s character was on a date with DJ’s character and it was going well except for the fact that DJ’s character ran over her beloved cat on the way to the date and hadn’t told her yet.

rooftop dinner date picture thriller web series antidote 15a doomed date

Alternate backstories included other gems such as taking a lot of muscle relaxant before the date.

New Short Stories

If you haven’t heard, we’re releasing new short stories every Friday. These short stories take place in the Antidote 15 universe and expand on backstories and character details that didn’t make it into the actual episodes.

Antidote Stories

Onwards to weekend four!


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