Day 2: Behind the Scenes and Holding for Sound

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 12.24.32 AMDay two of filming is always the best. Nicknames, anecdotes, and health tips have all been exchanged (Conner came to set drinking water with Chia seeds and shared his super-healthy smoothie recipes with us), I cha-cha’d real smooth in between takes, and we all got a little crazy in the best way during in the final few takes before our end time at 11pm. We held for sound about a dozen times when we were filming the exterior scene (*shakes fist at planes*) and we did not get locked into Doheny Library so that was a plus. Our awesome makeup artist Dillon Bonnee showed us her cool special effects makeup during breaks, and we consumed all the subway and apple turnovers the world had to offer.

The reason shooting is going well is because of our dedicated, hardworking cast and crew. Avery’s shots are always gorgeous (see above if you need proof), Takenori is always thinking three steps ahead even as I wildly veer from my shot lists, Jen is being a pro with the sound design and working the microphone and knows how to get the clearest sound in some of the noisier shooting locations, Emma can turn unassuming study rooms into professor’s offices at the drop of a hat, and Gus is taking great behind-the-scenes photos and videos along with DSLR selfies. Sarah also stopped by to do Ashley’s makeup for continuity, a much appreciated task.

Ashley, Conner, Courtney and Portia all did an amazing job, even as I gave them secrets and unwritten given circumstances to shake up scenes and try something new. If you’re looking for actors who are not only great people but also talented and hardworking, these people should be at the top of your list.

We have about three more days of shooting before our first season comes to a close! We’ve been at this web series thing for three months now, and during the next few months we’re going to be finishing up shooting, cutting the episodes, creating some trailers and behind the scenes videos, and organizing some giveaways and other cool things on our Facebook page.

So like our page, share the word, and stay tuned for more stories from the set!



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