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Hey everyone! If you like our show and want to fund us, please donate a little. Even just $1 would help us a lot with our production costs, and we really do depend on all of you wonderful people to help us feed our crew and keep production alive and well. So please donate or share with the hashtag #feedourcrew.

You are why our show is still running, so please help us reach our fundraising goal!

Fundraising Goal: $550

What We Need

We are funding most of season two’s production costs out of our own pockets– but we’re broke college students so we need some help to be a little less in the red than we already are.

Additionally, we need funds to enter into Webfests and complete post-production for season two.

Where the funding is going to:

  • Webfest Entries for Season 2 (i.e. Miami Web Fest, LA Webfest)
  • Covering craft services for our 8 days of filming
  • Set design that we don’t already have (i.e. paper lanterns for the first date scene)

What You’ll Get

  • A thank you email
  • An exclusive behind-the-scenes photo
  • Our eternal gratitude


Thank you, and please share this page with others so we can keep doing what we love! We only have fifteen hours left to reach our goal *or else* so please hurry.


-Amy Suto and the rest of the Antidote 15 team