Day 4: Behind the Scenes Or That Time We Finished Season One?!

portia juliette as sara episode 2 and 5 antidote 15 web series thrillerPortia Juliette as Sara in episode five

Uh… so guys… we finished season one.

I remember so long ago in December of 2013 beginning to piece together the madness that was the early drafts of all five episodes, trying to realize the scope of this production and how it could possibly fit into my (and everyone else’s) insanely busy schedules. I remember staying up until 3am pouring over headshots and reels during the dredges of sifting through those wonderful people who wanted to come in audition and trying to visualize who would fit what roles, or those days leading up to the first shoot where I was scrambling to get props and set design and extras in order for the critical pilot episode, and desperately calling Bill or Ashley or any number of the supportive teammates who helped me keep my head on straight throughout this process.

There were so many times during pre-production where everything seemed so fragile like the whole project could just fall apart with one misstep. Only when the team came together did everything work out and surpass the expectations we had at the beginning of the season.


Avery, Ashley, Conner, Amy, Jen, Takenori

¬†And then, hundreds of shots and takes and Subway sandwiches later…

…we wrap principal photography on season one.

It’s amazing how well everything fell into place. Conner, Ashley, and the rest of our talented cast went above and beyond, digging into their roles and characters despite constricting time crunches and last minute changes.

day4.1I can’t talk too much about what we just shot because spoilers are a thing, but I think you ought to know that these people (and I do mean ALL these people) are terrific and talented and anyone would be lucky to work with them.

Remember, our first episode airs MAY 1st, 2014, so mark your calendars and be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates and giveaways!

Thanks. To all of you.


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