Day 3: Behind the Scenes Or That Time It Didn’t Rain

antidote15dramaticwebseriesDay three of shooting wrapped today! We shot around five scenes today and did a bunch of walk-and-talks and almost tripped and died several times while walking backwards. It also stopped raining juuuuuust long enough for us to get all of those really important exterior night shots we needed to get done.

My cast and crew were the best (as usual) not only because of their talent and work ethic, but also because they graciously missed the Oscars to shoot for five hours today.

2014-03-02 21.12.09

We also spent like twenty minutes sketchily wandering around the bushes with flashlights looking for the green vial prop which went missing in the middle of the shoot. In a plot twist in real life, it was all of us looking for the “antidote” during a time crunch instead of just creating a show about it.

Dillon Bonnee did a fantastic job with special makeup for one scene, and I can’t give it away now because it contains major spoilers. But if you’re ever looking for someone to do natural or special effects makeup, she should be your go-to!

Ashley survived the cold in several layers of sweaters in-between takes, and Conner managed to memorize a lengthy, difficult monologue for the walk-and-talk scene where Jen and I nearly tripped over everything.


Ashley studying her lines on set

Oh, and when we’re not shooting Antidote 15, we’re getting into festivals with our other projects. Conner Sorensen (who plays Benji) and Jen (our sound designer) and I all made a film in 24 hours for the Ed Wood 24 hour film festival and our film got shown in front of a panel of industry judges. We also got to take snazzy photos like this one:


Left to right: Conner Sorensen, Jen Enfield-Kane, Rahne Avant, Amy Suto.

You can read more about our 24 hour film festival adventures here.

All these awesome people make set a wonderful place to be. Next week is our last day of shooting– then we’re wrapped with season one! I hope all of you stick with us for the season premiere on May 1st. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been so hard at work on all these months!


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