**Exclusive Teaser Trailer [Video]

If you’ve been paying attention lately, you’ve been noticing a gratuitous amount of stars and caps and our social media producer heralding our very first TEASER TRAILER to provide a glimpse into what’s up for season one. Thanks to everyone who has helped us so far!

Check it out!

Opening Title of Antidote 15 [Video]

The opening title of Antidote 15 is complete, and you can see it below. You should watch it in 1080p so you get the full experience.

Thanks to Bill Fitzgibbons for the score! Bill has scored three of my previous short film projects, and I like the fact that I can give weird suggestions (“less NCIS and more Homeland” “can we do even more drama here?”) and somehow he seems to be able to translate them into the theme of my dreams.

Bill’s on board to score this season’s episodes of Antidote 15, and he’s also one of our producers, managing our social media wizardry and making sure I don’t try and implement the world’s most complicated launch plan (“ok so how about we release the episodes and their scenes completely mixed up and out of order, and make our viewers reorder the scenes themselves? It’ll be a viral video marketing campaign I’m telling you nobody has done this before!”)

Another aspect of this opening title that I like is that it’s simple. Fifteen seconds of pretty poison before we get on with the show.

Here’s to fighting the good fight in pre-production!