Antidote 15: Web Festivals, TV Interviews, & More

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Antidote 15 on the Red Carpet Photocredit: Snobby Robot MagazineThe cast and crew on the red carpet for Hollyweb Festival!
Avi Kaye (director), Conner Sorensen (Benji), Amy Suto (showrunner), Portia Juliette (Sarah), Ashley Maimes (Anita), and Irina Kuzina (producer)
Photocredit: Snobby Robot Magazine

The past seven days have been a whirlwind of press and exciting events to celebrate Antidote 15’s season two and all the amazing people who are the lifeblood of the show.

On Friday, Antidote 15 screened in the Charlie Chaplin theater at Raleigh Studios, and I was able to talk on a panel about the inspiration for the show, and why ex-boyfriends, deadlines, and drinking things you’re not supposed to be are common college struggles.

thriller web series hollyweb antidote 15 amy suto The panel with me on the far right trying to think of something articulate to say about the show

On Sunday, we walked the red carpet and were interviewed by a few press outlets before the awards ceremony at Avalon Hollywood.

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This past week, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Faith Miller on ATVN news about Antidote 15 and our time at the Hollyweb Festival! You can watch the video below:

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When I started this over a year ago, I never would have expected that we would have all come this far. With each episode, we grew as a team and I owe everything to my tireless producers, directors, cast, crew, and everyone else who helped out on the project.

Now time to get back to work :)

Antidote 15 is Going to Hollyweb Web Festival!

s2redoIf you follow any of our social media accounts, you’ve probably seen that we are an official selection of the Hollyweb Web Fest!

When I started this series over a year ago, I never thought we’d get this far with our tiny thriller made on a student budget by film school friends on weekends between classes and summer jobs.

But what I love most about this series is the fact that it is just that: a labor of love. I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished, and I’ve met people through this project that I will continue to work with as we move forward with new projects — like our TV miniseries, CON.

Thank you to our amazing team and I’ll see you on the red carpet!


Season Two Premieres January 22nd

newcoverphotoSeason two comes out January 22nd!

If you haven’t seen the season two TEASER TRAILER go check it out now!

To keep you up to date until then, here on the blog we’ve got some great content coming out:

  • A full trailer
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Director and producer profiles
  • Never before seen behind the scenes photos
  • Episode commentary

Stay tuned, subscribe and like us, and get ready for season two.





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Casting Announcement: Katie Baker as Petra Rowan [News]

8x10Headshot_Baker_004EXCITING casting announcement today! Everyone welcome Katie Baker to the cast as Petra Rowan, a major character in season two! This role has been notoriously hard to cast because there are so many complexities to Petra’s character that we will see over the course of season two, but after we started from scratch and held new auditions, we were able to find Katie Baker, who was a perfect fit for the role.

We start filming this weekend. Let the next 15 hours begin!

Inside the Audition Room for Season 2 [News]

10500263_684304001651858_8202686008436274767_nthriller web series action web seriesLeft to right: Ashley Maimes (who plays Anita), Irina (our new producer), and Takenori (our AD/line producer)

We spent eight hours in the audition room this weekend. As you can tell we ate a lot of frozen yogurt and cheese its and tried to stay sane — which is hard to do when we’re all locked up in a room together all day and trying to amuse ourselves when there are gaps in the schedule, whether that is Courtney reading the sides in a Southern accent, Irina and Jen winning all the staring contests, or Ashley leading improv games.

Also, a thanks to all the wonderful actors who showed up to auditions. You all amazed us and we’re excited for callbacks. We want to just cast all of you since you were all amazing. We had some tricky sides for you to read. So thanks again for being impressive. There were some auditions where when an actor or actress left the room we would all collectively freak out and write in all caps CAST THIS PERSON NOW on our notepads/laptops.

So yeah.

Hopefully I can get out all the sides and callbacks notices by the end of today or tomorrow at the latest.

2014-06-22 17.37.44

Ashley and Courtney reading the sides in varying accents for our entertainment

Onward to callbacks!


Pizza Studio Fundraiser JUNE 18th — Suport Our Show & Eat Great Pizza

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 3.50.55 PMprint this flier HERE and bring it in with you to support our show!

Join the cast and crew of Antidote 15 at PIZZA STUDIO at 3584 S. Figueroa St. on June 18th as we eat pizza and support our show. This is some of the best pizza in LA and you’ll be supporting a great cause. Make sure to bring in the *printed* flier and show it to the cashier.

We’ll be live tweeting the event, so keep an eye out on our Twitter and come join us and support our show in exchange for pizza and allllll of the season two spoilers.

Please spread the word!