Director Profile: Jen Enfield-Kane

jensepisodesJen Enfield-Kane directed episodes 2.02, 2.03, and 2.04.

She directed interrogations, first dates, and ensemble scenes. Her ability to craft a scene around the chemistry of the actors can also be seen in her own web series,IMG_1135 The Supernatural Enthusiasts Club.

Jen’s screenwriting background helps her to understand story and subtext when communicating with the actors she’s working with.

Jen’s extensive preparation — such as storyboarding and practicing the magic trick that appears in episode 2.03 a hundred times at home to make sure it works — helps her to get the most of her time on set.

Jen and Amy, the creator of Antidote 15, wrote a new TV show together that’s in production now. It’s called “CON” and you can find out more here.

Episode 2.02 premieres January 29th on Youtube.

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Director Profile: Bryce Morgan

Bryce Morgan directed episode 2.01 of season two, which was one of the most challenging episodes with an intricate nightmare dance sequence, a chase scene, and multiple locations and special effects.Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 2.00.55 PMAnita’s nightmare sequence was especially tricky because of the underwater shots and use of blood and practical effects, but Bryce was able to pull it off beautifully, and showcases her incredible technique for creating abstract landscapes and visually stunning shots even with the restraints of a low-budget web series.

DSC_3888Bryce’s masterful use of color, lighting, and framing prove to make 2.01 one of the most cinematic episodes of the season.bryce morgan

Bryce’s website

Bryce Morgan on IMDb

Episode 2.01, “The Debt,” premieres January 22nd on our Youtube channel.