The Fifteenth Hour: Season One Finale Commentary

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Season one of our web series ended today and it’s one of those moments where I simultaneously want to sleep for five days and run around high fiving everyone for being amazing human beings.

We spent about six months on these episodes, and I’ve learned so much. What parts of the script work — and don’t — when you get to set, how to lose props when filming in the middle of the night, how editing for seven and a half hours straight requires one to get outside and go running at midnight in order to stay sane.

Editing the final cut of episode five was a bit surreal. Seeing everything come back to this final cliffhanger I had written years ago before the decision to turn Antidote 15 into a web series was unlike anything else. Typing “CUT TO BLACK” after a carefully crafted twist has always given me a rush (which is why they call me Amy “Danger” Suto clearly) but actually being able to execute the production of the series up to this final cut to black was a long time in the making.

Season one was not perfect. I know that I’ve got to bring in people to help me with aspects of production that I’m not the best at (such as lighting for exterior scenes). But I am proud of the way the story turned out, and I think we told the best story we could with the resources we had, and we’re able to take what we learned and apply it to create an even better season two.

Some of my favorite moments from season one came from discovering how the cast were able to bring their talents to each role: Daniel Rashid killed his scenes as the unsuspecting Tim in episode five and was able to improv some amazing lines that made the scene’s subtext even richer. Andio Manguray became the show’s iconic Man in a Dark Jacket and I can’t wait to feature him in next season. Portia Juliette was amazing as the tell-it-like-it-is grad student, and what was originally a bit role expanded into a character who will return in season two with what I hope will become an interesting — and tragic — character arc. Courtney Chism was fantastic in her tricky suspense scene in episode two, and Abby Rose Mark did a great job of lending her captivating voice for the Playback Device.

Our two leads — Ashley Maimes and Conner Sorensen — well, their performances speak for themselves. These stars are some of the hardest working actors I know, and I couldn’t have asked for a better Anita and Benji.

I think the heart of the series came through in each episode, and I want to thank everyone for their support the story we told and want to continue to tell. I hope season two will continue to raise the bar with innovative storytelling for the web and a higher production value, and I hope to continue to discover who Benji and Anita are and uncover the secrets they’re hiding from each other.

And last but not least, thanks to everyone who contributed their time to this project. I could not have told this story without all of you.

-Amy Suto

antidote 15 thriller web seriesStill from the final editing session of season 1