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Episode Directory

  • 1.01: “Pilot.” Anita runs into her ex-boyfriend at a party, and realizes her life is in danger when a stranger poisons her.
  • 1.02: “First Assignment. Anita and Benji get their first task and have to decide what they’re willing to do to find the antidote. They also get some help — from Sarah, one of Benji’s old flames.
  • 1.03: “Hide and Seek.” Anita and Benji find themselves in a tricky situation when they try and steal the hard drive.
  • 1.04: “Dissolution. Episode four follows Anita and Benji as they receive their final instructions.
  • 1:05: “The Final Task.” Episode five follows Anita as she’s forced to decide between her life — and the life of a friend.

Season two coming January 2015!

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  • Youtube Channel – watch the episodes here
  • Facebook Page — home base for new blog posts, new episodes, and giveaways.
  • Twitter — Live tweeting of set pictures and behind the scenes, also ask us questions here!
  • Tumblr — origin stories, short stories within the Antidote 15 universe, and inspiration for the characters along with gifs of the series can be found here.
  • Instagram (@antidote15show) — set pictures get posted here first.
  • IMDb Page — yes, we are legit.

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Antidote Stories

Antidote Stories

Antidote Stories are short stories written in the Antidote 15 universe, and they’re posted weekly on our Tumblr.

Here’s a directory of all the published stories.

About the Showrunner


Hi! My name is Amy Suto and I’m a USC screenwriting student who wants to work in the wild world of TV someday. I love shows like Lost and Orphan Black and I drink more coffee than what’s probably healthy. I also run a blog over at AmySuto.com that talks about all things TV, web series, and writing in general. I wrote this idea back in the summer of 2012 as a TV pilot, but I loved the idea so much I decided I wanted to create it for real. This project would not be happening without the support of my creative team!

What’s it about?

Antidote 15 is a thrilling micro-webseries that follows Anita, a college student who is poisoned and has fifteen hours to find the antidote. You can see season one here.

Season one was made up of five episodes that are about 5-7 minutes long. Each episode ends with a twist that keeps the story moving.

Season two is set to have about 7-10 minute episodes, and there will be 8 episodes total. Season two comes out January 2015.

I hope you’ll stay with us throughout the whole process by liking our Facebook page! My goal is to bring you guys a series that not only explores some interesting moral dilemmas through relatable characters, but also reinvents the short-form thriller.