Director Profile: Jen Enfield-Kane

Jen Enfield-Kane directed episodes 2.02, 2.03, and 2.04. She directed interrogations, first dates, and ensemble scenes. Her ability to craft a scene around the chemistry of the … More


Producer Profile: Irina Kuzina

Irina Kuzina is one of the reasons why season two turned out as well as it did -- she's an incredible producer. Not only did Irina secure key locations, but she also kept the … More

bryce morgan

Director Profile: Bryce Morgan

Bryce Morgan directed episode 2.01 of season two, which was one of the most challenging episodes with an intricate nightmare dance sequence, a chase scene, and multiple locations … More


Season Two Premieres January 22nd

Season two comes out January 22nd! If you haven't seen the season two TEASER TRAILER go check it out now! To keep you up to date until then, here on the blog we've got some … More

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